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Loves Lost & Found

Meg Allen met John Kelly literally by running into him in the college bookstore in their freshman year.  Romance was budding when Meg was attacked – twice.  Saved by John, who was wounded in the second attack, Meg was enrolled anonymously in another school for her protection.  John, after narrowly escaping prison for saving Meg, was forced to work in Europe for fifteen years  before learning that Meg and her best friend, Eve, owned and ran a small fashion business.  Reunited, Meg enlists John to help find the identity of the father she never knew - the man who abandoned her mother years before.  As the investigation runs down multiple blind alleys Meg wonders if they will ever find who Meg’s father was.  And will Meg overcome her fear of abandonment and be able to rekindle her romance with John?  Short novel  (232 pages) Chapters of this book contain Steamy Adult Content of a Sexual Nature.

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Lost in the Forest

Holly Franklin recently moved to Colorado.  She knew that her boyfriend, Josh, would soon propose.  On a rare autumn weekday off, the weather and outdoors beckoned and Holly decided to go for a hike in the mountains.  A wrong turn led Holly to a dead end.  Trying to cut across the forest and connect to the right trail, Holly becomes lost just as a snowstorm starts.  A camper finds her and brings her to his camp. They get to know each other, and Holly is forced to look at her life.  When the storm ends, Holly returns to civilization but must decide whether she wants to live her life the way she’s been told she should or pursue what might only be a dream.  Novella (82 pages)



River Cruise Undercover

Eve Belot, fashion designer, arrives in Paris to do some research. Walking to her hotel, a journalist named Michael rescues her from two drunks. A former colleague of her business partner’s husband, Eve trusts Michael who spends two days showing Eve around the city. Then, he asks her to accompany him on an assignment to expose a philandering congressman.

She decides to go, wondering what the adventure might bring, and wanting to better know this man who might bring her happiness. Even though their roles as a married couple begin as pretend, romance blossoms and Eve begins to believe Michael might be the one.

With her posing as Michael’s wife on a cruise down the Rhine River, they work together and finally get close enough to expose the congressman’s misdeeds. But with the completion of the assignment, an unforeseen betrayal reveals Michael’s dark past and threatens to destroy any future they might have.  Chapters of this book contain Steamy Adult Content of a Sexual Nature.


Rocky Mountain Romance

Shannon Sullivan, assistant director of the university library, arrives at work expecting a calm, predictable day. When she trips and falls into the arms of Will Daniels, a university donor, little did she know her entire routine world would be turned upside down. Will sees an article about a ten-year-old failed motorcycle jump and, as a journalist, decides to investigate. He draws Shannon into his investigation, slowly convincing her there is a mystery. As they dig into the case, romance between the two grows. At the same time, Shannon’s jealous ex-boyfriend decides he is not ready to let her go. While Will is pulled closer to Shannon, an event from his past keeps him from committing to her completely. As the mystery of the motorcycle jump unfolds and the heat increases, Will’s job – and past – pull them apart, just as Shannon’s ex becomes more menacing. Chapters of this book contain Steamy Adult Content of a Sexual Nature.

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Shallow Water Romance

Lieutenant Dee Cruise is a woman climbing ranks in a man’s world. And taking command of a Coast Guard rescue base is her next step up. But when the handsome senior non-com rescues her after she’s been drugged, she can’t help but wonder if their attraction would be worth breaking all the regs.

Since his nasty divorce, NCO Scott Jackson doesn’t trust easily. And with his station in tip-top shape, the last thing he needs is some green officer taking charge and undoing his hard work. But when the seas turn violent, he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to protecting his new boss.

As passion sparks between the unlikely pair, Dee battles against shadowy forces driven to bring her down. And Scott knows if he pursues their prohibited relationship, he could cost the woman of his dreams her career.

Buy Shallow Water Romance to follow the heart’s orders today!  Chapters of this book contain Steamy Adult Content of a Sexual Nature.


Secrets of the Deep

Chris Fellowes' family history of war heroism has been called into question, threatening to end his father’s career. It’s up to Chris to prove the truth, so he enlists the help of Lilly Collins, a university researcher, to help find evidence that his great grandfather destroyed a German submarine during WWII.

Chris is strongly attracted to Lilly, but her previous marriage ended in divorce and makes her resistant to romance. Chris and Lilly travel to Britain, Europe, and Canada to research the truth. As they learn more about the events of the past, passion begins to burn. But as they discover more about the submarine, crew, and action, their feelings about what they find threaten to tear them apart.

Buy Secrets of the Deep today and find out how the adventure ends!  Chapters of this book contain Steamy Adult Content of a Sexual Nature.

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