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Secrets of the Deep


Chris Fellowes' family history of war heroism has been called into question, threatening to end his father’s career. It’s up to Chris to prove the truth, so he enlists the help of Lilly Collins, a university researcher, to help find evidence that his great grandfather destroyed a German submarine during WWII.  Chris is strongly attracted to Lilly, but her previous marriage ended in divorce and makes her resistant to romance. Chris and Lilly travel to Britain, Europe, and Canada to research the truth. As they learn more about the events of the past, passion begins to burn. But as they discover more about the submarine, crew, and action, their feelings about what they find threaten to tear them apart.  Buy Secrets of the Deep today and find out how the adventure ends!


Chapters of this book contain Steamy Adult Content of a Sexual Nature.

"This book was a romance, a mystery, and an all-around fun book to read.  I found it to be very engaging and a “page turner.” It was a very interesting, well-researched, and well-thought-out story. A solid blend of mystery, history, and romance. The author describes the characters and scenery in ways that really brought them to life."

- Elena

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