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River Cruise Undercover


Eve Belot, fashion designer, arrives in Paris to do some research. Walking to her hotel, a journalist named Michael rescues her from two drunks. A former colleague of her business partner’s husband, Eve trusts Michael who spends two days showing Eve around the city. Then, he asks her to accompany him on an assignment to expose a philandering congressman.  She decides to go, wondering what the adventure might bring, and wanting to better know this man who might bring her happiness. Even though their roles as a married couple begin as pretend, romance blossoms and Eve begins to believe Michael might be the one.  With her posing as Michael’s wife on a cruise down the Rhine River, they work together and finally get close enough to expose the congressman’s misdeeds. But with the completion of the assignment, an unforeseen betrayal reveals Michael’s dark past and threatens to destroy any future they might have.  

Chapters of this book contain Steamy Adult Content of a Sexual Nature.

"Love this book. Has suspense and romance. Once you start reading, can’t stop until you’re done. Highly recommend and recommend other books from this author."

- Brian Lee

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