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Shallow Water Romance

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Lieutenant Dee Cruise is a woman climbing ranks in a man’s world. And taking command of a Coast Guard rescue base is her next step up. But when the handsome senior non-com rescues her after she’s been drugged, she can’t help but wonder if their attraction would be worth breaking all the regs.  Since his nasty divorce, NCO Scott Jackson doesn’t trust easily. And with his station in tip-top shape, the last thing he needs is some green officer taking charge and undoing his hard work. But when the seas turn violent, he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to protecting his new boss.

As passion sparks between the unlikely pair, Dee battles against shadowy forces driven to bring her down. And Scott knows if he pursues their prohibited relationship, he could cost the woman of his dreams her career.  Buy Shallow Water Romance to follow the heart’s orders today! 


Chapters of this book contain Steamy Adult Content of a Sexual Nature.

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