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Unexpected Journey: Desire and Deception in the Sun & Sand

Unexpected Journey Book Cover.jpg

Samantha George is a senior manager at a New York publishing house. Conventional and prudent, she is the only female candidate for a promotion to vice president. But before she competes for that position, she heads to a resort in San Diego for a much-needed rest. She runs into Abby Spencer, a free spirit who begins to turn Samantha’s world upside down. Add to the mix a possible budding romance with the resort’s assistant manager. Complicating things is Samantha’s reconnection with a college sweetheart who has published an excellent book. If Samantha can get him to sign with her company, it might just get her the VP spot. Things start to unravel with the book deal – and her promotion, while Abby pushes Samantha to break her boundaries. It’s a story of corporate success at any cost versus freedom and love. Mix sun, sand, desire, discovery, and a little deception for a romantic adventure.

"This book was a romance, a mystery, and an all-around fun book to read.  I found it to be very engaging and a “page turner.” It was a very interesting, well-researched, and well-thought-out story. A solid blend of mystery, history, and romance. The author describes the characters and scenery in ways that really brought them to life."

- Elena

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