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Lost in the Forest

Lost in the Forest e.jpg

Holly Franklin recently moved to Colorado.  She knew that her boyfriend, Josh, would soon propose.  On a rare autumn weekday off, the weather and outdoors beckoned and Holly decided to go for a hike in the mountains.  A wrong turn led Holly to a dead end.  Trying to cut across the forest and connect to the right trail, Holly becomes lost just as a snowstorm starts.  A camper finds her and brings her to his camp. They get to know each other, and Holly is forced to look at her life.  When the storm ends, Holly returns to civilization but must decide whether she wants to live her life the way she’s been told she should or pursue what might only be a dream.  Novella (82 pages)  NOW ON AUDIOBOOK, TOO!

"It's a short story but oh so good. Looking to read another book from this author. Highly recommend."

- Fran

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