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Loves Lost & Found​​

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Meg Allen met John Kelly literally by running into him in the college bookstore in their freshman year.  Romance was budding when Meg was attacked – twice.  Saved by John, who was wounded in the second attack, Meg was enrolled anonymously in another school for her protection.  John, after narrowly escaping prison for saving Meg, was forced to work in Europe for fifteen years  before learning that Meg and her best friend, Eve, owned and ran a small fashion business.  Reunited, Meg enlists John to help find the identity of the father she never knew - the man who abandoned her mother years before.  As the investigation runs down multiple blind alleys Meg wonders if they will ever find who Meg’s father was.  And will Meg overcome her fear of abandonment and be able to rekindle her romance with John?  Short novel (232 pages)


Chapters of this book contain Steamy Adult Content of a Sexual Nature.

"I've always loved mysteries, but with some romance added in, this novel kept me in both suspense and delight! The story line kept building, and the end was unexpected, but in a good way. Anna Leigh did a great job in making the characters real and easy to identify with...looking forward to more of these stories."

- T. Ramsey

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