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Valerie: A Love Story

Valerie- A Love Story.jpg

Jim Connor clears his drive after a snowstorm, then helps the neighbor girl, Valerie, clear hers. They talk and he volunteers to help with her research project. Slowly, he learns her life isn’t as carefree as he’d thought, and she begins to decide she wants to be closer to him. Trapped in an unhappy marriage, Jim is drawn to a relationship with this young woman who listens and cares. As they become more involved, life starts to pull them apart when Valerie goes first to another state, then to Europe, and Jim believes they are not destined to be together. Jim’s relationship with Valerie makes him decide to change his life, but a tragedy strikes which changes their lives forever. Paperback only.

"This book was a romance, a mystery, and an all-around fun book to read.  I found it to be very engaging and a “page turner.” It was a very interesting, well-researched, and well-thought-out story. A solid blend of mystery, history, and romance. The author describes the characters and scenery in ways that really brought them to life."

- Elena

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